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— Rest Easy —

Fighting Busyness and Promoting Rest During the Holidays

The sinister threat of busyness is never more present than during the holidays. What should be a time of rest, celebration, and reflection on the coming of Jesus (first and second!) easily becomes a time of rushing, stress, and survival. 

Christians need to be on their guard against the alluring traps of the season. We've all been there - Doing so much that our vacation is anything but a restful break. Participating in the lie that our lives are only as good as our possessions. Spending more time around family but feeling less invested in... [continue]

"Get 'In the Zone' on Command with a Focus Song" is on Dumb Little Man!

I have a friend, Matt, who listens to the same song on repeat every time he works on his computer. The exact same song. On repeat. All the time. Yes, he’s a little crazy. When I asked him about it, he said it helps him focus.

Turns out, he’s been listening to this same song since college. That’s four years of undergrad, five years of graduate school, and several more years working in college ministry. I was flabbergasted.

“You’ve listened to the same song on repeat for almost two decades?!” I asked in disbelief.

He just shrugged... [continue]

"The Real Reason Pokemon GO is So Popular" is on HuffPost!

It still feels a bit like giddy dream, but I have an article published on Huffington Post!!

You can find it here: "The Real Reason Pokémon GO is So Popular"

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