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Create Something!

I firmly believe everyone is an artist.

Not everyone can paint or do the typical "artsy" skills, but everyone has the ability to create, to imagine something more than what currently exists, to make something real out of what was once only potential.

Images of the Artist

God is an artist.

He imagines things and brings them into existence. He was the original creative genius, who came up with the idea of this world, all the insane things about it, and the notion of you to enjoy them.

Everyone is an artist because everyone was made by the Artist. And we can't help but take after our Father, the Innovator.

I know people who can pick up an instrument and create rich, gorgeous sound. I know people who can take a simple pad and paper and create an evocative picture.

But I also know people who create relationships. They are gifted at introducing people to one another, facilitating a group, and making connections between people where none were before.

I know people who create baked goods that fill people far beyond their bellies. I know people who create a space in their home that feels warm and accepting. I know people who see elegant solutions to engineering problems most people have trouble understanding. I know people who can speak in a way that creates a spark of hope and understanding.

Everyone is an artist.

What Stops our Creating

What keeps me from creating and sharing my own written art is usually insecurity. I create from a need for the approval of others instead of creating from a place of abundance in God's approval of me. I am worried people will be critical, that my work isn't good enough. Thus the "publish" button goes un-pushed another day. It's just too risky. People might not like it.

But that isn't how God creates, and it isn't the way he made us to create. God creates out of an overflow of sheer joy. He can't help but make new things. Beautiful new things come pouring out of him.

Great artists of all stripes often talk about a necessity to create, the feeling of something inside them that has to come out. That is because art is a gift from God that he births into the world through us. His overflow becomes our own.

So what should you create? Whatever is bubbling inside of you that has to come out.

Like God, our art should also be a gift to others. Selfish artists make the worst stuff.

So when considering what you will create, start with the needs of someone else. Is there a person in your life who needs to smile, to understand a truth, to be lost in a story, to remember there is beauty in the world? Let serving that person be your guide and your art will flourish. Get distracted with what will make you feel better or make you famous and your art will suffer.

Everyone is an artist.

So go ahead, create something!

Hi, I'm Jacob! I'm an at-home Dad and pastor in Fort Worth, TX, writing about productivity and rest. I'd love to hear from you about how I can write things that will help you specifically. You can talk to me via Facebook, Twitter, or email. And don’t forget to grab my free e-book!