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Shark Pole Fruit Hop - The Problem of Passwords

Your old habit of using your childhood dog’s name for every site you visit is not just outdated, it’s dangerous. Everything from your bank account to Starbucks requires a login password. And if you use Facebook to log in, many of those accounts can be connected, which makes them even more vulnerable. In a world of increasingly sophisticated hackers, your one-word, one-digit password isn’t much better than using “password” as your password.

I highly recommend an app like LastPass or 1Pass to make passwords simpler and more secure. With these programs, you only have to remember one master password and they fill in the rest automatically. You can even have them generate a long, cryptic password for each individual site, which it remembers for you.

But if you’re only going to have one password for the rest of your life, it better be a good one. There’s only one to remember, so it can be long and complicated. In fact, the more bizarre it is, the easier it will be for you to remember. A good formula is to choose four unrelated yet common words and add two digits.

For example, an old password of mine was “shark pole fruit hop 33”. This makes it easy to remember (I still have a vivid mental image), but tremendously difficult for a computer program to deduce.

Not getting it? Let xkcd explain:

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